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Bulawayo Province

Bulawayo province in south-west Zimbabwe, on the Matsheumlope River at an elevation of about 1,340 m (4,400 ft). It hails the second-largest city in Zimbabwe, Bulawayo, and a major industrial centre; it is also a key national distribution point and rail junction. Industries include printing and publishing, brewing, and the manufacture of clothing, tyres, radios, metal products, and building materials. The city is also the processing centre for the produce of the ranches and farms of the hinterland. Located here are Bulawayo Technical College (1927) and the National Museum (1901), which has collections of natural history and geology. Nearby are Government House, built by the British statesman Cecil Rhodes, and the 18th-century African ruins of Khami. The settlement was founded by the British in 1893 after the defeat of the Matabele king Lobengula on the site of his village, Gubulawayo. It was moved south to its present site in 1894. A rail link was added to the town in 1897. Population 620,936 .

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