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Masvingo Province

Masvingo Province is found in south-eastern section of the land locked country.It borders Mozambique on the eastern border and the provinces of Matebeleland South to the south, Midlands to the north and west and Manicaland to the north east. It was called Victoria Province before 1980

Masvingo province is located in the lowveld of the country where rainfall is minimal and uncertain. a large of the southern part of the province is drought prone, set as region 5 in the country's climatic regions. Most parts of the province, therefore, are generally unfit for agriculture, apart from cattle ranching.

Great Zimbabwe consisted of two major parts. The majority of its more than 10,000 inhabitants lived in closely packed mud-and-thatch houses. Little archaeological work has been carried out in these precincts and comparatively little is known about the way ordinary people lived. In contrast, a small elite lived at the centre of the town in houses protected from general view by high stone walls. Almost all research has focused on this area, and many of the walls still stand today, testimony to the status and authority of Great Zimbabwe's rulers.

The focal point of Great Zimbabwe's town plan is a high granite outcrop that rises steeply above the valley below. On the summit of this hill is a set of stone-walled enclosures built (as is all Great Zimbabwe's stonework) from carefully prepared granite blocks, without the use of mortar. One of the two larger hill enclosures was a place of worship; when rediscovered in the 19th century, carved stone birds (representing the spirits of former rulers) were still in place near plastered altars. The other large hill enclosure was a residential area; opinions differ as to whether this was the court of the king or of the principal spirit medium (the leading official in Shona religion)

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